Hybrid Webinar: Addressing Your Social Security Benefits



Navigating your Social Security benefits can be a confusing process. Although the process may vary between all applicants, we believe this webinar is beneficial to anyone who is approaching retirement.

Our co-founders, Zachary Bouck, CIMA®, and Blair Braden, CFP®, will be discussing a complete overview of the process and considerations that you should make regarding your Social Security benefits. In this live and live-streamed workshop, we will cover:

  • 2021 Social Security Changes
  • Full Retirement Age & Other Important Milestones
  • How to Calculate Your Benefit
  • Earnings Limits
  • Spousal Benefits
  • Spousal Requirements and Considerations
  • Ex-Spousal & Divorcee Benefits
  • Survivors Benefits
  • Taxation on Your Benefits

…and more! A live Q&A will follow this webinar; however, if you have any questions regarding your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (303) 261-8015.

We are optimistic that we will be hosting hybrid events by late 2021 (live-streamed and in-person). We will continue to monitor the situation and update all registrants on the status of an in-person event. For folks interested in attending in-person, you can expect a dinner and drinks at a restaurant near the Tech Center. Friends and family are welcome. 



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