Each year, our team hosts a variety of educational seminars with content for all levels of investors. Explore our most recent webinars below, or peek at our events to find upcoming financial seminars.




Women Who Invest (2021): Presented by Sarah Walter, CIMA®, ABFPSM, this information-packed webinar discussed the unique financial challenges faced by female investors today. This webinar addresses various real-life scenarios, addressing actionable topics for any level of investors, including debt management, retirement considerations, disability and life insurance, financial strategies for divorce, long-term care, estate planning, and more.

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10 Principles of Long-Term Investing Resilience (2020): Geoff Sweezy of MFS Investment Management—an investment company founded nearly 100 years ago and largely credited with the mutual fund's invention—presents a historical look at the stock market. This presentation examines the market's performance and investor behavior to uncover the long-term habits of successful investors.

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The Basics of Investing (UPCOMING): As inferred by the name, this webinar gets back to the basics. Perfect for all entry-level investors, this presentation touches on the foundational principles of investing, including various investment options, insurance considerations, education savings accounts, and more.

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Investing with an Impact (2020): Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing has grown substantially in the past few years. This investment screening process analyzes socially conscious companies. By identifying companies that care about the environment, their workers, their shareholders, and their executive structure, investors can better address their long-term needs.

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Addressing Your Social Security Benefits (2021): Social Security and Medicare can be highly complex, especially when you go at it alone. This webinar attempts to provide you with the primary considerations that every investor should make when approaching your full retirement age (FRA). This topic is so important that we present a live webinar annually. Register for the upcoming event here.

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Leaving a Legacy (2020): When it comes to drafting your estate plan, think of building a home—you have your plot of land, now what?

You don’t grab some lumber and nails and start hammering away. You meet with an architect to design the home, drafting a solid foundation to safeguard your family and belongings. When it comes to estate planning, think of our team as your architect. Though we do not offer legal advice, we will help you design a legacy that addresses your long-term financial needs.

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