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Do I Qualify?

Depending on the size of your portfolio and the complexity of your financial situation, DWM offers a dedicated team approach that is appropriate for you.

Financial Planning – Your financial plan is the most important part of the work we do. Together, we will customize a plan that reflects your age, goals, risk tolerance and current financial situation..

$5,000-$100,000 – You are a perfect fit our robo advisor. You will receive portfolio management with a low account minimum, and investment advice via phone or email with our Denver based advisors. You must be younger than 67, and be at least 5 years out from retirement to qualify.

$100,000 to $500,000 – You will have a dedicated Denver based wealth manager who will work with you over the phone or via web based meeting such as Skype.

$500,000 to $2Million – You will have a dedicated wealth manager that fits you, a dedicated CFP, & full support team for personalized face-to-face comprehensive planning.

$2 Million and up – For clients with a liquid net worth exceeding $2 million, we offer a dedicated Private Client Group which provides a higher level of experience and knowledge required for clients with more intricate financial needs and larger estates.