Mind of a Millionaire: January Portfolio Review; 2020 Outlook

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Thank you for tuning into the Mind of a Millionaire podcast. This week, Zak discusses the first portfolio review meeting of the new year. If you don’t already know, this meeting is an opportunity for all of our advisors to get together and share thoughts on portfolios, allocations, funds, markets, etc. From there we can determine if and what changes may need to be made to our investor’s portfolios.

This portfolio meeting was not only the first of the new year – new decade even – but the first of a new election year; which although still months away, was a big portion of the discussion. If you have questions regarding our 2020 outlook or our January portfolio meeting, please do not hesitate to call or email. We would be happy to discuss.


What is the portfolio review meeting?

What happened in the market 2019? 

  • The things we care about

US Stocks vs. Global Stocks

Potentially a great year to be diversified

US Small Caps

How will the election impact the market/economy?

  • Joe Biden winning the Democratic nomination
  • Bernie Sanders ending the energy sector
  • Elizabeth Warren and the big financial companies
  • A dark horse candidate

What could go wrong in 2020?

ESG’s and Socially Responsible Investing

Andrew Yang and the Freedom Dividend

Zak’s advice to skeptical investors going into the election

  • What you can control vs. what you can’t control


Thank you for tuning into the Mind of a Millionaire podcast – we hope you enjoyed and potentially learned something new. If you would like to discuss more, please don’t hesitate to call in. We love talking finance.

For our lady investors, we have a great opportunity coming up to learn more about addressing your financial future. If you’re interested you can RSVP here.  


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