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The Diaper Drive

The final results are in for our 2019 diaper drive, but before we release the final count, we would like to emphasize importance of this cause and, more importantly, highlight the impact that you have had on our community and families in need.

Did you know that 1 in 3 American families cannot afford sufficient diapers for their children? According the to National Diaper Bank Network, diapers can cost on average $18 per month or $936 a year. 

Megan Veenema Smith, co-director of the Yale Child Study Center for Parent and Family Development, says leaving children in dirty diapers longer increases the risk of urinary tract infection and diaper dermatitis, or diaper rash. This can also lead to emotional stress and depression in parents, which impacts their ability to bond with their children.

With that said, we are incredibly happy to announce that our families, our friends, and our amazing clients have donated a total of 8,371 diapers this year; which crushes our goal of 7,500. Since we began participating in the diaper drive three years ago, (including this year) we will have raised and matched a total of 15,406 diapers. 

The average child goes through roughly 6,200 diapers until they are fully potty trained. Therefore, with the match, our Denver Wealth Management community has donated enough diapers for five children. That's five children who will have better health and a higher standard of living. So, thank you. Thank you all for your years of continued support in our annual diaper drive. You have made a tremendous impact. 

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