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Our Fees

What you pay matters to us! As a Denver Wealth Management client, our ultimate goal is to help you address your financial goals. We always seek to design long-term, diversified investment strategies built within a planning process that aims to find the most cost-efficient, high-value ways to manage your money. We want you to know exactly what you pay so there are no unexpected or unexplained costs.

Long-Term Investing

When it comes to investing, the most impactful component is time in the market. We also understand the volatile tendencies associated with the market. Whether you are investing for retirement or an alternative objective, we will tailor a financial plan that balances your value on higher returns and your tolerance for risk. 

Working with High Net Worth

Continued education and numerous additional resources allow us to create financial plans that are unique to higher asset levels. With a CIMA on staff who can offer informed advice based on current investment trends, and a CFP to address long-term financial planning and relevant tax strategy, we are prepared to help you. Contact our advising team to discuss your specific situation. 

Do you require a minimum asset level?

Nope! We believe in educating and helping as many families as we can. It is important that we continue to operate in a manner that allows us to work with any asset level. Whether you are just beginning your financial journey or you're nearing retirement, we can create a financial plan tailored specifically to your needs.

How a Tiered Fee Schedule Works

With a tiered-fee schedule, as your account value increases, the fee charged decreases. Here is an example of how this works:

If you deposit $150,000, your first $100,000 will be charged 1.50% and the remaining $50,000 will be charged 1.30%.

$100,000 * 1.50% per year = $1,500

$50,000 * 1.30% per year = $650

So, the total of your first-year account fee would be $2,150 or 1.43%. This incentivizes us to the grow the account and gives you price breaks as your account value increases.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A sound financial plan is the basis to addressing your financial goals. When you create a financial plan with your advisor, we look at everything: your goals, cash-flow analysis, insurance planning, short-term savings goals, investment analysis, detailed retirement plan forecast, Monte Carlo analysis, and estate plan review.

Additionally, your plan is updated annually because goals change, families grow, and life happens. 

Why Fees?

It's no secret - there are firms with lower fees. We won't hide it.

Our fees reflect our service and value to you. Denver Wealth Management was founded on one core principle: we have the client - and only the client - in mind. Whether through our friendly and personable staff, or strict investment process, we are here to help you address your specific financial future. 

Not to mention, as we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard, we are obligated to work in your best interest 100% of the time. We are here to advise you, to choose appropriate investments, and to navigate toward the financial future that you envision. 

Working with LPL Financial

Working with LPL Financial means we have numerous investment and educational resources at our disposal. It also means that there are miscellaneous fees that LPL could charge in addition. For many of our clients, you can expect an annual $40/year retirement account fee for retirement accounts less than $250,000. In addition, there are trading costs when we buy or sell mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF’s). These costs range from $0-26.50 per transaction.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.