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Podcast Episode 7: Motel 6

Podcast Episode 7: Motel 6

October 08, 2018
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Have you ever wondered how Motel 6 got that name? Were there five predecessors to Motel 6? What happened to Motels 1-5?

Well, there was no Motel 1-5. Motel 6 got that name because it cost only $6 to rent a room in when it first opened in Santa Barbara, California in 1968.

Welcome to another episode of The Denver Wealth Podcast. In this episode, Zak discusses inflation: what it is and how should it affect your retirement decisions. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @DenverWealth and subscribe to our podcast.

As you probably know, a room at Motel 6 no longer costs $6. Why is this? Because: inflation.

What is inflation?

Why is it important to understand inflation beyond the short-term? [2:07]

How much does inflation change annually? [2:22]

How should inflation effect your retirement savings decisions? [3:29]

What are real returns? [4:30]

How do you outpace inflation? [5:05]

What types of investments are more impacted than others? [5:25]

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