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Podcast Episode 3: September Performance Report

September 10, 2018
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Welcome back to another episode of the Denver Wealth Podcast. Please send us any questions you have about investing. We are open to all questions and comments; we would love to feature yours in upcoming shows!

This week’s episode gives you a firsthand look into one of DWM’s monthly performance reports; which we conduct on the first Wednesday of every month.

Tariffs, Donald Trump, and emerging markets:

Emerging markets:

Are emerging markets still a good use of investors’ dollars?

Small Cap companies:

What does this mean to more aggressive portfolios? Conservative portfolios?

What are our thoughts on tech companies?

“We see our investment in global technology as a way to tap into an economic growth engine that has far-reaching, cross-industry impact. In contrast to the technology stocks that characterize the dotcom bubble, many companies are now generating a significant amount of free cash flow with quality balance sheets. Furthermore, growth rates in the technology sector are far outpacing the broader market.” – BlackRock, Inc.

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