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Mind of a Millionaire: Your Financial Checklist for Divorce

Mind of a Millionaire: Your Financial Checklist for Divorce

June 10, 2019
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This week Blair is covering a pretty somber topic. Afterall, we hope you won’t ever have to use it, but divorce is a reality for many folks. After last weeks episode, which came from our Standard of Care, we were asked to share more of our financial checklists. This week’s information comes directly from our Divorce Checklist, which you can download right here.

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Try to put aside some negative feelings [1:27]

Close your joint credit [2:32]

  • Credit cards specifically

Open your own bank accounts [3:07]

Update and change beneficiaries on bank and investment accounts [3:30]

  • Revisit your will and power of attorneys as well [5:21]

Be cognizant of which assets you are receiving [6:12]

  • Which assets do you want to own?

Update your personal financial goals [9:53]

Update your budget [10:39]

Do you need to downsize your home? [11:07]


Again, this Divorce Checklist comes from our standard of care. We have a plethora of lists for “this just happened in my life, what do I do?” If you have questions about a life transition/event, reach out and we would be happy to get a checklist sent to you.

Thanks for listening – we hope you enjoyed!


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