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Mind of a Millionaire: What’s Going on in the Market? July 15th, 2019

Mind of a Millionaire: What’s Going on in the Market? July 15th, 2019

July 12, 2019
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Welcome to the Mind of a Millionaire podcast. As we’ve mentioned before on the show, on the first Wednesday of every month, our team of advisors get together in the Denver Wealth Management War Room to discuss the economic outlook in our market and international markets. Due to the holiday week, this portfolio meeting was pushed back a week, but Zak offers his market insight following that meeting.

Note: tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16th, is our Social Security & Medicare Workshop. If this pertains to you, a friend, or a loved one, come by for this comprehensive presentation and a delicious meal from Maggiano’s Little Italy. Register online to save your spot. Also, visit the ‘Events’ tab on our website to register for the 2019 Denver Wealth Management Open. All proceeds benefit the DTC Rotary Foundation’s scholarship fund, which provides financial assistance to local Thomas Jefferson High School students.


What is the monthly portfolio meeting? [0:25]

Our advisor, David Frum, is famous [1:10]

The U.S economy’s effect on interest rates [2:18]

Developed international markets [3:58]

Market Performance (Year-to-Date) [4:31]

  • S&P 500 (+19.90%) (CNN Business) [4:31]
  • Bond Market (Bloomberg Barclay’s US Aggregate Bond TR USD) (+5.65%) (Morningstar) [4:41]
  • U.S. Technology (+28.67%) (Morningstar) [4:44]
  • U.S. Small Cap (+17.92%) (Morningstar) [4:48]
  • Data for foreign and international markets was also derived from [4:51]

Fixed income [5:19]

Investing at an all-time high [6:36]

What is your time horizon? [7:39]


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