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Mind of a Millionaire: What’s Going on in the Market?

Mind of a Millionaire: What’s Going on in the Market?

April 05, 2019
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As some of you may have heard on the podcast before, the first Wednesday of every month marks our team portfolio meeting here at Denver Wealth Management. This is an opportunity for all of our advisors to sit in a room together and share their thoughts on the market. They discuss U.S. and international markets, bonds, emerging markets etc.

The portfolio meeting allows all of our advisors to truly understand what’s going on in the market and get on the same page. This week on the podcast, Zak reflects on our April portfolio meeting and shares his takeaways with you.

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What is the portfolio strategy meeting? [0:36]

Best start to the year since 1998 (in the stock market) [1:26]

“In the United States, people make money in one of three ways.” [2:59]

Recent financial headlines: Lyft IPO [4:40]

What can investors expect in 2019 following the best start in ten years? [5:27]

Why did the market drop in December 2018? [7:37]

  • What can investors expect from the Fed this year?


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