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Mind of a Millionaire: The Affects of Paying Off Debt vs. Keeping Your Payment

Mind of a Millionaire: The Affects of Paying Off Debt vs. Keeping Your Payment

July 08, 2019
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Welcome to the Mind of a Millionaire podcast – this week we are continuing the list of listener questions that we started on last episode. Be sure to check out the website for our upcoming events, which include our Social Security and Medicare Workshop as well as our 2019 Denver Wealth Management Open. We would love to see you there.

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How do you plan for retirement when you’re the breadwinner? [1:03]

What are the affects of paying off your debt (on your credit score) vs. paying off your loan and getting rid of that payment? [3:47]

  • Does it depend on your financial situation? [5:37]

Standard of Care Financial Checklists [7:03]

What do you do with and older parent and what money “stuff” do you need to get together? [7:32]

Leaving a legacy [11:59]

Tax Terms: Contribution, Distribution, and Deductible [13:11]


Thank you for listening. If you have any financial questions of your own, please send them our way and we would be happy to get them answered.


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