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Mind of a Millionaire: September Portfolio Meeting; Trade War, Market & Economic Update

Mind of a Millionaire: September Portfolio Meeting; Trade War, Market & Economic Update

September 09, 2019
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Thank you tuning into another episode of the Mind of a Millionaire podcast. This week Zak takes you inside the September portfolio meeting. This meeting gives all of our advisors the opportunity to get together, discuss, argue, and bounce ideas around.

Last month, Zak and Blair had a lot of discussion on the China trade war and that topic has rolled into this week. For economic updates, join our email club. Follow us on Twitter for financial thoughts and tips. And check out our Facebook for DWM news, events, and updates.


YTD S&P 500 [1:10] (Yahoo Finance)

YTD Dow Jones [1:17] (Yahoo Finance)

YTD Emerging Markets [1:26] (Yahoo Finance)

YTD Foreign Markets [1:29] (Data mentioned from Market Insider)

Zak’s jokes for the day: [1:55]

The Dow is dropping so frequently that they decided to just add an ‘n’ to the end of it (Down).

The economy is so bad, Joe Biden’s new slogan is “Maybe We Can.”

Why do people think things are going poorly? [2:19]

The economy is slowing down [2:58]

The China trade war [3:23]

  • A deal with China is good for the economy [4:14]

Eurozone economic update [4:47]

  • Germany is the largest economy in Europe/4th in the world by GDP (Investopedia) [4:59]

Your investment time horizon [5:48]


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