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Mind of a Millionaire Podcast: July Portfolio Review Meeting; Coronavirus and the Election

Mind of a Millionaire Podcast: July Portfolio Review Meeting; Coronavirus and the Election

July 12, 2020
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As you may know, the second Tuesday of every month marks our advisors’ portfolio review meeting. This meeting entails all of our Denver Wealth Management advisors discussing our investments—what’s working, what isn’t, and what opportunities are on the horizon? Last week, our advisors discussed coronavirus and the upcoming presidential election, both of which will contribute to continued volatility.

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The Hammer and the Dance [1:25]

We have seen the government’s response before [2:59]

We’re in a bull market [3:46]

Investors are split [5:30]

The Presidential Election [6:55]

 What’s our plan? [10:59]

Are tax cuts possible for either party? [11:22]

Preparing for the volatility [14:40]

If elected, will Joe Biden use Twitter? [17:02]

Upcoming educational events [19:15]


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