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Mind of a Millionaire: Get to Know Denver Wealth Management

December 10, 2018
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Welcome to another episode of the Mind of a Millionaire podcast. In this episode our co-founders, Zachary Bouck and Blair Braden, sit down to tell you about themselves and how Denver Wealth Management came to be. Hear about our history and our mission here at DWM.

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Who is Blair Braden? [0:39]

Who is Zachary Bouck? [6:02]

What differentiates Zak and Blair [13:05]

“Our goal is to help people learn from not only our mistakes and mistakes we’ve seen other people make, but also everyone’s’ successes and what it was that made them successful.” [14:27]

How Blair started his career in personal finance [16:47]

How Zak started his career in personal finance [20:55]

Denver Wealth Management’s independent values[21:28]

-          LPL Financial: Our Broker Dealer [22:46]

June 1st, 2012Denver Wealth Management’s first day [23:44]

“Live like no one else, so one day you can live like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey

Our Mission [35:24]

-          The Denver Wealth Management Standard of Care [37:02]

Continuing to grow [39:35]

Thank you so much for listening – we hope this helped you understand more about who we are. Whether you’re a client of ours or not, we are determined to helping everyone get on a plan. Please send us any questions you may have and we will get them answered for you.

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