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Mind of a Millionaire: October, 2019 Market Update; Income Investing, and Tactical Investing

Mind of a Millionaire: October, 2019 Market Update; Income Investing, and Tactical Investing

October 07, 2019
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Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Mind of a Millionaire. This week Zak takes you back inside our monthly portfolio review meeting. As a reminder, the advisor’s monthly portfolio review meeting is an opportunity for all of our advisors to discuss what’s working in the market, what’s not, and why. They take a look at the performance of all of our assets. They look at the outlook for the American economy, the Chinese economy, and the European economy. They also look at the forecast for the performance of cash, stocks, bonds, and alternative assets. 

As you’ll hear in the podcast, this is Zak’s favorite day of the month and he would be happy to discuss with you. If you have questions about your portfolio, the market, the economy, or your personal financial situation, don’t hesitate to call our office or shoot him an email:


Thinking about investing like buying groceries [1:31]

  • If your favorite granola goes on sale, that’s a good day. The same thought process can carry over into investing.

What to do about income (accounts designed to pay them during retirement) [2:16]

  • Income has historically been derived from dividends on stocks and interest payments on bonds, but that’s changed over the last ten years.

Bonds 30 years ago vs. today [3:05]

How, at Denver Wealth Management, we’ve allocated your money in retirement historically [4:06]

  • What other options do we have for addressing your income in retirement without taking on the risk of the stock market?

Real estate, closed-end funds, international stocks [4:44]

Tactical investing: investing outside of the regular scope of investing (medical marijuana stocks, bitcoin, utility stocks) [5:45]

When investing in individual stocks/securities, what is the catalyst? [6:44]

  • Clarifying the decision-making process

Are we going to get a trade deal done with China? [7:45]

“The future is always uncertain, but in some areas, it’s more uncertain than others.” [8:15]

  • The upcoming election – if Elizabeth Warren is elected, what will happen to the tech companies short- and long-term? [8:47]


Thank you for tuning in. If you’d like us to review your portfolio, your mutual funds, index funds, stocks, or bonds, we would be happy to do that! Please also feel free to send in your questions – we’d be happy to get them answered.


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