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Mind of a Millionaire: November Portfolio Review Meeting; Powell Lowering Interest Rates

Mind of a Millionaire: November Portfolio Review Meeting; Powell Lowering Interest Rates

November 04, 2019
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For the first time in a long time we didn’t have our advisor portfolio review meeting on the first Wednesday of the month. Instead, we held the meeting last Wednesday, at the end of October.

As a refresher, the portfolio review meeting is an opportunity for all of our advisors to sit in one room together and discuss our holdings. What’s working? What’s not? What changes do we need to make in order to best address our clients’ goals?

The big news in the markets right now is Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, has announced interest rates will be decreasing for the third time this year to a range of 1.5%-1.75% (USA Today). Additionally, Powell implied that this will most likely be the last round of interest rate adjustment for some time. Here are our Chief Investment Officer, Zachary Bouck’s thoughts:


Lowered Interest Rates[0:27]

  • What does this mean for you?

Effect on bonds [1:55]

Effects on stocks [2:14]

  • Why this is good for the stock market.

Effect on alternative assets; real estate [3:04]

Real estate earnings mentioned are derived from Motley Fool. [3:16]

The outlook for the market [3:38]

What’s a mini-/sector recession? [4:06]

  • Slowed manufacturing sector in the U.S. (The Wallstreet Journal) [4:31]

Effect on short-term investing (bonds) [5:53]

  • Junk Bonds [6:44]


Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Mind of a Millionaire Podcast. As you can tell, Zak loves talking about the market. If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call or shoot him an email.


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