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Mind of a Millionaire: How to Travel Affordably

Mind of a Millionaire: How to Travel Affordably

March 28, 2019
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This week we have a special guest, Karen Braden. Karen is Blair’s wife. As the trip advisors and vacation coordinator of the family, Karen has become quite the travel pro. This week she joins us to share her tips on traveling, which include ways to minimize costs, how to properly utilize airline miles, purchasing foreign currency, and more.


What makes Karen Braden a travel expert? [1:49]

Where should you start when planning a vacation? [3:38]

How to save on hotels/lodging? [7:23]

How can you utilize credit card points when traveling? [8:19]

Can you save money by using Airbnb? [9:39]

  • Drawbacks?

How can you save on activities? [12:25]

Check on tipping customs before traveling [15:43]

Currency fluctuation[23:12]

Stay away from the souvenirs; spend money on the experiences [24:13]

Cash flow your travel costs[25:47]

How much time do you spend planning a trip? How much do you spend planning your retirement? [27:37]

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