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Mind of a Millionaire: Debt Discipline; Interview with Brian B.

Mind of a Millionaire: Debt Discipline; Interview with Brian B.

June 17, 2019
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Welcome to episode 44 of the Mind of a Millionaire podcast. We had the opportunity to talk with Brian, founder of Debt Discipline. A little bit about Brian: him and his family paid off over $100k of consumer debt in just over four years. Brian is now a strong proponent for financial literacy and is currently working to create a mandatory financial literacy program in high school in his community.

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Who is Brian? [0:20]

What was Brian’s process to paying off his debt? [3:36]

The ‘apex moment’ in deciding to pay off that debt [4:48]

 “How did you go from $109k [in debt] to $0?” [6:39]

How does Brian encourage people to pay off and stay out of debt? [7:46]

What is the foundation of managing your money well? [10:20]

Starting with the ‘why’ [12:04]

Teaching your kids the importance of investing [14:16]

 What are some of the best methods to expedite paying off debt? [16:48]

What advice does Brian have for folks who have the four-year marathon to pay off debt? [18:52]

Making sacrifices when paying off debt [21:01]

Life after debt [24:58]

  • Getting through a job loss

How can you learn more about Brian? [26:57]


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