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Mind of a Millionaire: Awkward Money Conversations Pt. 2

Mind of a Millionaire: Awkward Money Conversations Pt. 2

October 14, 2019
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Welcome back to another episode of the Mind of a Millionaire podcast. Two weeks ago, Zak discussed some of the awkward money conversations that many of us have been faced with in our lives. Whether it’s with a friend or family member, some financial topics are harder to address than others.

This week, Zak continues to help you in your awkward money conversations. As a client of Denver Wealth Management, we care about the people who you care about! With that said, if you ever need help addressing one of these uncomfortable topics, we would be happy to help – even if that just means us acting as a sounding board to your family and friends.

Call, email, or message us on Twitter and Facebook with your awkward money conversations; we would love the hear them. 


In America tipping is expected, if not required [2:26]

Business Insider: This is How Much You Should Tip for Every Service [2:38]

“If the service is good, I tip 15%.” [3:27]

Tipping the one-off services [5:19]

  • It’s OK to ask what the going rate is if you don’t know.

If you pick up your take-out order, do you have to tip? [6:50]

Do you leave a tip for hotel maids? [9:00]

  • Are the hotel room cleaning personnel paid below minimum wage with the expectation for tips, or are tips the cherry on top? If you know the answer, please send us a message.

How the corporate travelers tip [11:00]

  1. The $2 tip
  2. Once-for-the-Week

When Asked for Charitable Donations [13:41]

Do your due diligence before donating [14:27]

Donate to something you care about [15:01]

What are some of Zak’s favorite charities? [15:20]

 Santa Clothes [21:00]

Our upcoming Diaper Drive [21:14]

Medical Bills for Sick Animals [23:42]

Take a look at your current financial situation [24:58]

Talk to someone [28:52]

What if you do have the means to pay whatever it takes to save your pet? Is there a dollar amount that’s too high? [29:46]


Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Mind of a Millionaire! As mentioned, some of these are harder to discuss than others, so send us your awkward money conversations. We would love the hear your thoughts!


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