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Mind of a Millionaire: 11 Ways You Can Start Spending Less

Mind of a Millionaire: 11 Ways You Can Start Spending Less

October 31, 2019
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Recently, Zak stumbled upon an article on Your Penny Saver titled 16 Things You Should Do to Save Money October. One thing to be cognizant of when it comes to these save-money-now articles is how many are the real deal and how many are simply boiler plate, looking-for-content blogs?

For the most part, we found this article to be useful and we’d like to share 11 of Your Penny Saver’s 16 best money saving tips for the month of October.

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  1. Install CFLs or LED lights where you can [0:58]
  2. Cancel unused subscriptions [2:03]

What do you need? What do you use? [3:11]

The Wall Street Journal wine subscription [3:18]

TV subscription services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) [4:27]

  • Check your credit card statements; are you still being charged?
  1. Make a grocery and “food waste” list [7:04]

The Bouck’s Grocery Budget Challenge [7:46]

  1. Buy in bulk [9:08]
  2. Eat out with these top restaurant deals [10:12]

Denver’s Restaurant Week [10:49]

Leave online purchases in your cart [12:49]

  1. Take full advantage of these tax deductions [13:38]
  • Interest you pay on your mortgage
  • Property taxes
  • Tax incentives for energy-efficient upgrades
  1. Use government rebates to get solar panels and slash your energy bills [14:29]

Rate of return on residential solar panels [14:41]

In Colorado, you never OWN the solar panels [15:41]

Residential vs. Industrial solar panels [16:26]

The hole is the ozone layer is the smallest it’s been since discovered in 1982 (NASA) [16:51]

  1. Get a new quote on life insurance [17:33]

When it comes to insurance, you should almost always be getting new quotes annually [17:56]

Does Denver Wealth Management offer life insurance? Yes, we do. [18:26]

What are the benefits to term life insurance? [18:51]

  1. Quit buying expensive coffee [20:02]
  2. Get a new auto insurance policy [23:14]

By switching your insurance, your policy will match the current value of your vehicle [24:24]

  1. “Born before 1985? Get $3,000/year taken off your mortgage with the government’s new “Enhanced Relief” program” (Your Penny Saver) [16:09]
  • The Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Program

The Expenses Worksheet [28:39]


Thank you for tuning into another show – we hope you enjoyed! As mentioned in the end of the episode, we have loaded our “Track Your Expenses” spreadsheet. It’s easy to use; just plug in your monthly or annual expense for each item and the worksheet will total your expenses.


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