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Bill of Rights

What to Expect

At Denver Wealth Management, we have developed a Client Bill of Rights that describes what you should expect from our team:

Personal relationship

You have the right to a financial advisor who truly understands you and your family. We’ll help you make the important financial decisions that work towards your goals.

Open dialogue about costs

You are entitled to a clear understanding of what our financial planning and advisory services cost. We put all of our fees in writing, so you know exactly how we are compensated.

Prompt responses

Anytime you have questions or need our help, you will get a timely response from your advisor or service team.

Prepared advisors

You have the right to ask why we recommend any investment or trade, and to understand our thought process behind any financial decision we suggest.

Team approach

Expect an entire team of advisors with diverse skills to help you with your finances, giving you the benefits of our collective knowledge.

Commitment to education

You have the right to be educated about the decisions we make for you, so you always understand your financial plan and your investments.