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About Denver Wealth Management

Denver Wealth Management, named for the city where our practice began, serves individuals around the country who believe in our wealth-management philosophy and our ability to bring them closer to their financial goals.

At Denver Wealth Management (DWM), we help successful, hard-working individuals keep their financial lives in order and embrace a debt-free mentality, allowing them to pursue their personal and professional dreams. We’ll help you put a plan in place that considers all aspects of your financial life—giving you confidence that your money is invested appropriately and being confident about the future for you and your loved ones. We’ll work with you to identify and prepare for life’s financial challenges and its opportunities, so your hopes for retirement, education and other major life events potentially become more attainable.

As a client of Denver Wealth Management, you’ll have a one-on-one relationship with your financial advisor. But we believe it’s also important to have a team of professionals looking out for your best interests. It’s why we regularly combine our strengths so that you’ll receive the best possible experience we can provide.


What's a Hybrid RIA?

What's a Hybrid RIA?

Providence Capital Partners is registered as a Hybrid RIA. As A hybrid RIA, we offer broker dealer services though LPL Financial. We offer advisory services through Providence Capital Partners. 

As a dually-registered firm we can offer the best of two worlds. We can service annuity contracts and private placement investments that are often a core part of a family’s net worth, while additionally offering to manage money for advisory clients in a fiduciary capacity.

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Guided Wealth Portfolio (GWP)

Guided Wealth Portfolio (GWP)

GWP is a new automated platform. While inexpensive robo advisors are changing the investment landscape, they are not able to provide the high level of service that many people need when dealing with money. So, we utilize GWP – a hybrid of the low-minimum platform, with personalized investment advice from a real person.

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